New Terraces Law Passed for San Antonio

"MAN IN SAN AN" by Martin Makepeace

Pic courtesy of White Isle Blog Ibiza’s San Antonio coalition council has approved new laws for the use of terraces in the West End. Bars playing music will now have to close their terraces by 12am midnight whereas establishments that don’t play music will have an extra 2 hours but must cease using their terraces by 2am.

The council had initially proposed closing all terraces by 11pm but that has been modified. The new laws will be published and come into force within 15 days.

Councillor Juanjo Ferrer said that the law is “much clearer than before and it will be easier to apply.”


Minor infringements: 200-750 euros

Serious: 750.01-1500 euros

Very Serious: 1,500.01-3,000 euros.

In the event of serious misconduct, in addition to the fines, the suspension of the licence may be imposed for up to 2 months.

When there are very serious offences, additional sanctions may be…

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